Having An Insurance Broker Is Like Having Multiple Insurance Agents Working For You.

Benefits of having an insurance broker

Finding the best insurance product that will meet all your requirements can be a very time-consuming and confusing process. If you want to find the best deal for you and want to know how much cover you really need, it’s really best to seek the help of an insurance broker.

Insurance brokers are experienced professionals who can properly assess your insurance needs and answer any questions you may have. Brokers give you unbiased advice and thoroughly explain the premiums, terms, conditions and small print to ensure that no detail is overlooked. You can then be sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

An insurance agent on the other hand, works for a specific insurance company, where they can only offer a limited number of products because they are bound to the insurance company and the products and services they offer.

An insurance broker works for you and on your behalf and is not tied to any specific insurance company offerings. Therefore, an insurance broker can search the full range of insurance products across the market and can recommend a wider variety of options, finding the best product based on your situation and circumstances.

An insurance broker will assist you every step of the way, from the processing of your application to making a claim, and will even support you after the purchase to answer any questions you may have. An insurance broker will provide advice and revisions at policy renewal or mid-term if changes are necessary. For example, if you decide to move or any of your circumstances change, you can ask your broker for advice and guidance. A broker can also provide administrative follow-up, such as requesting a copy of the certificate of insurance or change of material facts. Insurance brokers are also skilled and experienced in dealing with the claims process if the worst should happen, and will assist you to ensure that claims are fairly handled and a speedy and satisfactory settlement is reached.
Insurance brokers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are required to maintain your privacy, keeping all discussions and information completely confidential.

Using a Right Cover broker is also cost-effective option as you do not need to pay an additional fee on top of your premium. It’s all included. The Insurance providers pay The Right Cover brokers the commission for selling their products.

Brokers work with a large group of insurance providers that they are regularly in contact and communicate with, thus allowing them to secure exclusive deals. In general it’s difficult to arrange bespoke cover, but brokers have insurer relationships in place to obtain personalised quotes.

Having an Insurance Broker is like having multiple insurance agents working for you simultaneously. The Right Cover is a company dedicated to finding the best umbrella package at the best possible price to ensure that you, your family, and your business are protected should the worst happen. To find out more about the products and services we offer, click on Get A Free Quote or call 02380 170 850.

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