Health Care Cash Plan & Dental Plan

Health Care Cash Plan

Healthcare Cash Plan & Dental Plan allows you to claim back the cost of your family’s day-to-day healthcare needs.  It spreads the cost of Therapies, Dental care and Optical care.  Some insurance companies give cash back payments for outpatient and hospital stays and pay out a lump sum on accidental death.

Healthcare cash plan & Dental Plan are not like most other types of insurance. Other types of insurance cover you for unforeseen and unpredictable events. Healthcare cash plan & Dental Plan on the other hand helps you pay for the cost of routine healthcare.  Appointments such as going for a dental check-up, getting your glasses from the optician, physiotherapy and sometimes even massage can be included. It is totally different from private medical insurance and can be an inexpensive way of paying for everyday healthcare costs.



What’s the difference between Healthcare Cash Plan and Private Medical Insurance?


You get private treatment paid for you directly to the service provider.


You do not pay for your treatment, whether from a private healthcare provider or the NHS, and should you need to pay up-front for the treatment you can reclaim some of the cost back.

What does it cover?

Healthcare cash plans cover several different treatments. Here are some of the most common, but check your policy terms and condition because it varies from insurer to insurer.

  • Dentist: Both checkups and dental treatments, including seeing the hygienist.

  • Optician: Eye tests and prescription glasses or contact lenses. Some providers exclude disposable contact lenses.

  • Chiropody: Foot treatment and advice.

  • Physiotherapy: Sometimes coupled with osteopathy.

  • Maternity payments: Cash, paid when a child is born.

  • Complementary health: Osteopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy and acupuncture by a registered practitioner.

  • Hospital inpatient: Cash paid for each night spent in hospital.

  • Hospital parental stay: Cash paid when a parent spends the night in hospital with an ill child.

  • Special consultation: Repayment of fees paid towards a consultant physician or surgeon.

  • Personal accident, death and funeral benefits: Cash paid out in the event of accident or death.

  • NHS prescriptions: Cash back on the cost of a limited number of prescriptions (not commonly included).

  • Health screening: Schemes pay for an annual health screening.

  • Others: Surgical or hearing aids, redundancy payouts, mental health payouts, day surgery, recuperation grants, occupational therapy, diet advice, paternity grants, adoption grants, infertility grants. Many providers also have help-lines on a range of matters.


Dental Plan


It is one of the most common ways to help you pay for your dental treatment.  Having to visit your dentist can be very expensive but this plan helps you spread the cost. Suffering from pain and the cost of some dental treatments and check-ups can affect your life and work. Dental insurance helps take that stress away from check-ups to crowns and from worrying about the costs.

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