Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance will protect you financially with a sum of money if you get diagnosed with a life-changing illness. By getting a lump sum you can afford to get the treatment that you need. It can replace lost income due to illness. It can even pay off any loan incurred during the treatment. Furthermore, the benefit can also pay for succeeding recuperation aids. This cover will also help you meet the everyday cost of living. The money you will receive can help make your life easier. Thus, you can concentrate on getting better. Critical illness does not have restrictions on how you can use it. Therefore, you could also use it to help pay your mortgage.

‘Critical illness’ – defined as life threatening condition.  Examples of critical illness: heart attack, cancer, stroke etc.  Critical illness insurance only covers the conditions laid out in the policy. You must also remember that your illness must meet the tight definitions described in the policy. Most critical illness policies provide a lump sum benefit when you get diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses.  Critical Illness cover will pay out upon diagnosis and not upon death. In fact, you may survive for many years afterwards and still benefit from the payout on the policy.

If you or a loved suddenly becomes seriously ill with a long-term illness, could you still afford to pay your bills? Contracting a critical illness such as cancer and stroke is like a death sentence for a lot of people. You can quickly deplete all your savings due to critical illness. When that happens, you may need to resort to taking out a loan or borrow money. Oftentimes the financial burden falls on our family. Welfare support from the government will not be enough to cover your needs. Most employers offer life insurance, which only pays out on death. But only a few include critical illness cover. Experts say that more people claim under critical illness than life insurance.

Advances in medical technology ensure more and more people survive critical illnesses these days. This policy will pay out a lump sum to help meet the loss in income. It will also help in paying off your debts, as well as your mortgage. Critical Illness cover can also provide the means to change your surroundings, depending on your needs.

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What does the statistics say about Long-Term conditions?

According to the National Statistics office, people from 16 to 64 year old in employment diagnosed with long-term conditions has totalled to 6,448,775. The report was based on the data taken by the Labour Force Survey from October to December 2016 and it was released 07 March 2017.

The main findings show that the number of new diagnosed cases of cancer in England continue to rise. According to it there were almost 300,000 cancers registered in England for all ages combined in 2015. It is equivalent to 822 per day.

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